The Stained Glass Centre Hosts the CVMA

The Stained Glass Centre played host to a large group of international experts in stained glass for an evening event as part of the 27th biennial Colloquium of the Corpus Vitrearum, which was hosted by the British CVMA in York. The evening event at the Centre provided delegates with the opportunity to examine the stunning stained glass in the windows of the church, as well as discuss their recent research. The Centre was selected alongside other historic buildings such as the Hospitium and York Minster, to host unique evening events which showcased the stained glass and cultural heritage of York. Delegates were impressed by the wealth of stained glass at the Centre and expressed great enthusiasm for its future.  The event was sponsored by Janette Ray Books and delegates were able to enjoy delicious food from Delrios, Micklegate, courtesy of Barley Studios, Dunnington.

CVMA delegates at The Stained Glass Centre       SGC hosts CVMA